Supporting UK customers to trade the Euronext Markets

Euronext London is the London representative office for Euronext, the leading pan-European financial marketplace covering Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, London & Paris.
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Supporting UK-based customers

Over 80% of our trading volumes originate in the UK. Consequently, Euronext’s London office has a strong sales representation to support our UK clients. With approximately 40 staff, we work closely with banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, brokers and clearing members in the UK.

Our offer covers:

  • Trading on Euronext’s regulated Cash and Derivatives Markets, MTFs Euronext Block and Euronext ETF Access and our ECN FastMatch
  • Corporate Services for listed companies and issuers, including InsiderLog and IR.Manager 
  • Market data specialists
  • Technology solutions including customised trading technology, MiFID II hosted venues and cost-effective compliance solutions.
  • The Euronext London Securities Market, offering international issuers, investors and trading members the opportunity to raise capital, list, and trade securities on a London market.

Chris Topple Head of Global Sales CEO Euronext London

Euronext London Securities Market

Euronext offers international issuers, investors and trading members the opportunity to raise capital, list, and trade securities on a London market. Euronext London unites the strength and visibility of London as one of the world's leading financial centres, with Euronext's foremost position in the European markets. This powerful combination provides a unique market attractive to international issuers, financial intermediaries and investors.

Euronext London is fully integrated into our family of European markets, offering a trading environment based on one harmonised rulebook. This unique combination of next-generation technology and harmonised regulation ensures Euronext is optimally positioned as an evolving exchange with liquidity differentiation and investor depth.

Euronext London is a Recognised Investment Exchange, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Why list on Euronext London?

Highly liquid pan-European market

International companies can benefit from the combined concentration of liquidity of our six European markets. Avoid fragmenting your liquidity between markets while making use of one partner for all your exchange needs.

Single order book environment

Companies can benefit from harmonised cross-border trading, clearing and settlement in Europe. Companies may choose to list on more than one market to enhance visibility, have trading volumes and prices published in the national press, and qualify for inclusion in local European indices.

Flexible regulatory framework

Companies can choose their primary market regulator from a country within our community of exchanges irrespective of where they list. This unique differentiator sets us apart from our closest competitor in London whose companies are all governed by the UKLA regulatory framework.

Visit the Raise capital section on this website and learn all about a quotation on the London market.

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of the Euronext London Securities Market

If your firm is an existing member of Euronext’s Cash Markets you can quickly and easily extend your membership through the Euronext Extension of Activity Form.

If your firm is not currently a member of Euronext’s Cash Markets, you can start the membership application process today and link to all Euronext’s Securities Markets.

Contact Client Services at or call UK +44 20 7660 8585

Regulatory bodies

Euronext London Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales (registration no. 8631662) whose registered office is at 10th Floor, 110 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6EU, England and which has been recognised as an investment exchange pursuant to section 290 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a statutory body that regulates the financial services industry in the UK. It is operationally independent but accountable to the UK Treasury.

The FCA’s statutory objectives were set out in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. As the financial conduct regulator for the UK, the FCA uses a wide range of rule-making, investigatory, and enforcement initiatives.

Rule Book

A single Euronext Rule Book governs trading on all Euronext Securities and Derivatives Markets. It contains both harmonised and non-harmonised, or local, rules.

The harmonised rules are as follows:

The non-harmonised rules are as follows :

  • Rule Book II and Notices applicable to Euronext London, the regulated market operated by Euronext London Limited


Euronext London

10th floor, 110 Cannon Street , London EC4N 6EU

+44 (0)20 7076 0900