Take positions on dividend payments so you can hedge your exposure or diversify your portfolio. Choose from dividend futures on a single stock dividend, or on dividends from a whole index.

Single Stock Dividend Futures (SSDFs)

Dividend futures allow market participants to take a view on cash flows linked to dividend payments during the calendar year.

  • Trade Europe’s widest choice of Single Stock Dividend Futures
  • More than 290 contracts available for trading
  • Exclusive new trading opportunities: more than 150 contracts in our range can only be traded via Euronext, including many of our SSDFs on U.S. underlyings

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Dividend Index Futures

The CAC 40® Dividend Index and AEX® Dividend Index measure the cumulative value of ordinary gross dividends declared by the companies in Euronext’s CAC 40® Index and AEX-Index®, respectively. Value is calculated on the ex-dividend date and expressed in terms of index points.

  • Invest in French or Dutch companies’ dividends – benefit from arbitrage opportunities and leverage trading of dividends without having to take a position in the underlying
  • Both indices run for a one-year period from the trading day following the third Friday in December to the third Friday in the following December.
  • The CAC 40 Dividend Index Future has been approved by the CFTC and is directly tradeable from the US.

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Trading the CAC 40 Dividend Index Future

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