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Hedge your portfolio with futures on Paris residential property prices

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Paris Real Estate Futures: Contract Specifications

Gain exposure to the Paris residential real estate market without the constraints of physical investment by trading Euronext’s Paris real estate futures.

Futures on Paris residential real estate:

  • Based on the Compass Kalstone Paris Residential Property Index (the PARISSQM index), designed to provide a responsive and consistent benchmark for typical transacted prices in the residential real estate market
  • The index is calculated solely on real transaction data and is published every two weeks with a six-week lag. It is BMR compliant.
  • Standardised requirements: 1 contract represents 1 square metre (m²)
  • Benefit from accurate exposure to the real estate market, expressed in euros per square metre
  • Develop a flexible and efficient strategy to diversify property or trading portfolios, and hedge portfolio price risk
  • Eliminate the constraints of a physical investment, with much lower capital requirements and greater financial leverage and flexibility
  • Exchange traded for transparency and liquidity: real-time quotation throughout market opening hours, and counterparty risk mitigation through LCH SA.

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Euronext Real Estate Futures Contract - 2019

English Version

English 03/09/2019 Euronext Real Estate Futures Contract - 2019 /sites/default/files/2019-09/52118_Real%20Estate%20Futures%20Contract%20-%20EN_v04.pdf
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Euronext Paris Real Estate Future Case Studies

English Version

English 03/09/2019 Euronext Paris Real Estate Future Case Studies /sites/default/files/2019-10/52118_Paris%20Real%20Estate_Case%20Studies_EN_Web.pdf


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