The world's benchmark for commodities trading

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  • Trusted global and European benchmarks for Milling Wheat, Rapeseed and Corn
  • New segments include Biomass, Dairy and Fertiliser Solution
  • Price discovery and risk management tools for producers, exporters, trading houses, refiners, processors and manufacturers
  • Exposure to agricultural commodity markets for managed funds, institutional investors and proprietary traders
  • Physical delivery of last resort to ensure price convergence, secure delivery mechanism.

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Corn field being harvested

Corn Volumes and Open Interest

Rapeseed being harvested

Rapeseed Volumes and Open Interest

Wheat being harvested

Milling Wheat Volumes and Open Interest

Euronext Inventory Management

Transferable electronic certificates & warrants system for commodities

Benefit from a secure, digitised system providing full transferable, pledgeable title of commodity ownership for both the delivery of Euronext-listed commodities contracts, and for financing purposes.

  • An electronic register developed with key industry players (cooperatives, traders, corporates, banks) to provide a secure, fully transferable, pledgeable title of commodity ownership
  • Operates in all Euronext countries with eligible jurisdictions
  • Simplified, automated system ensures increased visibility of Euronext-listed commodities stored in non-Euronext delivery silos
  • Facilitates hedging, trading and financing for users of Euronext-listed commodities and physical traders.

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